DAO Whitepaper

June update onabout how we intend to change the way humanity works through our DAO implementation.

How is this usefull?

Applying our concepts is possible from day 1. See also our trial system and who will best benefit.


We believe everyone should have the freedom to choose how and where to use their time

About us

Foragers DAO is pioneered through ongoing discussion, experimentation, and arguments starting 2021 in Amsterdam.

Initially, Michiel Degruytere & Lisa. set the first steps. However, it soon became a community effort. Countless hours have been spent over the globe discussing the principles of how we can stop selling time. Neither lays the full ownership with the initial founders nor lays it at any other central point.

Currently, Foragers DAO is a mainly European collective of highly-skilled independent hunter-gatherers who collaborate on your projects using our methodology. Foragers.io also provides consulting and applications of its research on your projects.