We've found most usefulness for our implementation to businesses and individuals who often have work that requires a high level of expertise, mainly but limited in areas such as technology, law, design, marketing, and accounting. Having access to a secure way of transacting with the global network of experts. In the end, if the jobs gets done up to all expectactions, and on time, who cares who has done it.

Rather than a business hiring a freelancer to build a website, we take the bounty and distribute it to our partners. For more understanding on how this works, I'd reffer to our whitepaper on our section about Hunter-Gatherers and their tribes (pg4.)
As such an implementation can also be created for an agency or firm that has a good understanding on how they should quantify their work.

As we found that the step to such a blockchain system might be a big investment at once, we also have designed a hands-on system that can be implemented in almost an instance.

A trial implementation with of our MilestoneCard system is available at a discount for those who are curious to see how it works. Make sure to mention this paragraph during our meeting. Below an example of a usecase and a previous implementation.

All our project are being run through the same milestone principles and systems. We believe that what we build, we should use ourselves. Why preach of stopping to sell time rather than practice our research and apply the systems for our own projects?

Implementations like these led to valuable core lessons, such as the importance of retainers for specific tasks to have an ongoing loop of information.

To learn more about specific uses, more usecases, or info about the MilestoneCard Trial:

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