In January 2022, after our pivot from namai.nl we were stuck.
What should we do next? How can we not waste our invested resources or time spend researching.
Lisa came with a great idea to look at the work of Michael Sinek. We intended to look deep in what we actually want to do.

Following up on that, after long sessions with regular coffee intervals we found what we believed in why we are doing things. Trying to find a why is asking similar questions you would do asking trying to find yourself.
It's easy to get lost in solutions, a platform here, a business model there. However, none of these actually have to do anything with the why we should have a reason to exist in a competitive landscape.

We believe everyone should have the freedom to choose how and where to use their time as time is your most valuable resource, it is finite.

Through our research and developments in how people can remain in control of their time, through developing, I strongly believe that we can help humanity. A step closer in how you decide how you spend your day, is a step closer to staying empowererd by ones own decisions.

Nobody should be forced to work ridiculous hours every day, every week. Neither should one not be able to work double hours half year, then don't work the other half of the year. Staying in control of your time, and location, gives you the responsibility to decide how you plan your life.

Plan it carefully, as time is our most finite resource.